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entrepreneur startup communities thoughts Feb 08, 2012

My company is specialized in assisting families to rent out their summerhouses to both local and foreign travelers, we have so far only been working with renting out Icelandic summerhouses. That has been very successful and we are now working on expanding and opening up a new website abroad. It will most likely be a few months until that website will be up and running but I thought I should create a landing page, all the new cool startups seem to have a landing page before the open up so I guess I should as well.

The first thing I did was create a simple landing page at launchrock that gave people a chance of signing up to be notified when Bungalo went live. I created a google adwords ad for it in English and tried that for a few days, I got 246 people to the website and 24 of them or 9.76% of them signed up. Actually a much higher percentage then I had expected but still I have no point of comparison.

A friend pointed out that because I was looking into the danish market that I should perhaps have the website written in the danish language to get a better idea of what the locals thought of it and if there was a real need in denmark for such a product. So I guess my first landing page suggested that there was some interest from an international group of people to rent a summerhouse in Denmark but it did not tell me if there was any interest from danish families to rent out their summerhouses. So I started designing a more detailed landing page and this is what I have so far with the design.

Now with the new design of the landing page I would be able to get email signups from people interested in following but I would also let people list their properties right away. Just be counting how many people pressed the “list your cottage” button I would be able to get a better idea of how many listings I would get when the website went live. Now at this point I hadn’t actually programmed it yet, it was just a design so I had some time to go over what i actually wanted to get out the landing page.

My thought process was as follows:

What do I really want to get out of having a landing website?

  • Early SEO
  • Collect emails, so I can send to them when the website finally goes online.
  • Get people to talk about and share this new website
  • Get owners to list their properties
  • Get some information on what kind of users would sign up for my website
    – Where would they come from
    – What keywords would they use in the search engines
  • Get further information on reactions to the idea of this kind of website
    – % of users that would signup to receive information
    – % of users that would list a property

All in all good thoughts but not focused enough. I talked with a friend of mine that I knew was interested in such thoughts and asked him for some advice. His advice was to start of with a theory and then use the landing page to prove or disprove that theory.

So I ended up creating the theory that “danish summerhouses owners would be interested in using Bungalo to rent out their properties”. Now I am working on improving the landing page with this in mind, but it is still work in progress.

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