We Need Entrepreneur Rockstars

entrepreneur leadership success Jun 04, 2011

Recently I have had many discussions about how to create an environment that motivates young people to start up there own companies and create value for themselves and their community. Many ideas have been thrown out there during those discussions and the one that I think is most interesting and perhaps could actually make the biggest difference is the creation of role models.

It is impossible to make an individual go through a difficult process that takes years to achieve without giving him the right motivation to survive it. For example, why do kids decide to become doctors, firemen, lawyers or rockstars? Because they look up to the role models that have been created in these fields through media and television. They watch them on TV saving lives, doing amazing tasks and being cool. Then their parents, teachers and friends constantly talk about the importance of these people.

For some reason no teacher or parent tells their children that they should become entrepreneurs, no TV-show is made about people that build up there own companies, very seldom do you see interviews in the media with people that have spent years creating a new types of technology that will change the world forever.

People that create their own future are in my opinion the most admirable people out there, they risk everything to create something that will improve the world and improve their own life’s. Unfortunately these individuals are not always given the respect that they deserve and often seem to fall into the shadow of what they have created. That is why it is important to make the possibility of starting your own company sexy and cool.


We have to create entrepreneur rockstars that young kids can look up to.

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