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iceland startup communities Feb 12, 2015

Dear entrepreneur,

I want to invite you to visit me in Iceland in May, where you will get an introduction to the startup scene, meet up with some awesome entrepreneurs, have a few beers and experience Iceland.

Many of my entrepreneurial friends from all over the world have in the past shown interest in visiting Iceland and therefore I thought I would give them and you an excuse to finally visit this strange and interesting country. On May 27 there will be a startup event taking place called Startup Iceland, it is a yearly event where great entrepreneurs both local and international come together to listen to some of the thought leaders of the international startup scene. I have found the event extremely good to network as there are some great speakers but at the same time it is a small and friendly event where it is easy to speak with everybody.

The days before and after the event I will be organizing a few meetups between you and people from the Icelandic startup scene, the meetups will all be informal and perhaps over beers so that you can get to know the Icelandic startup scene and some of the main players in it. If you want to meet up with anybody special or maybe somebody from the same industry as you are working in I would be happy to assist you make those connections. I can also assist you with booking and planning any tours or activities you would like to experience during your time in Iceland and if there is enough interest I could even put together a trip so that all the entrepreneurs interested could go together to get to know each other and experience some real Icelandic adventures.

I haven’t finalized planning the schedule and it depends a bit on who’s interested in coming and what you would like to do, I will be adapting this to your needs and wants but here is a rough draft of it.

May 26 tue:
I will welcome you all to Iceland and those that want can join us in the Blue Lagoon.
7:00pm Dinner and drinks

May 27 wed:
8:30am-4:00pm Startup Iceland

May 28 thu:
3:00pm – 7:00pm Visiting various startups, accelerators, co-working spaces and more, ending with drinks at the Bungalo office.
7:00pm Dinner and drinks
9:00pm I will introduce you to the bars and nightlife in Iceland 

Weekend May 29-31
For those interested I can assist you in organizing activities and tours, and if there is enough interest I can put together a group tour for all of us.

To keep things as simple and flexible as possible I will only be organizing all the meetups and activity but it is up to you to book your flightbuy tickets to Startup Iceland and pay for activities and food. Although if we get a group together that is all willing to participate in everything I can put together a package for you for everything except the flight.

About Startup Iceland

I think I will leave it to Bala Kamallahkaran to tell you about Startup Iceland

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