Unique Business Cards

startup communities Oct 27, 2014

I just got my new business cards from the printers and I feel like they’re awesome. We wanted to do something different that would really reflect our company and we felt like nothing reflected our company better then the cottages we’re renting out and the natural beauty around them. So each one of our business cards is unique, with a photo from one of our cottages, nature, activities or something else that summarizes our customers experience.

The fun thing about these cards is that as we hand them out we get a chance to showcase the cottages we have and by doing that the person we are talking with gets a better idea of what it is that we do. Also instead of handing someone a card we have them pick the card that they like the best, that could for example be the cottage they most want to stay in or the area they would most like to visit. That way they person already starts thinking about the benefits of our service.

We just got the cards earlier today but already we have had great reactions from people we’ve been talking with. Everybody enjoys them, enjoys picking their favorite card and enjoys talking about the photos or the business cards themselves. In my opinion you couldn’t ask for anything more from a busines card than that.

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