Thriving On The Edge Or Falling Into The Abyss

startup communities thoughts Dec 01, 2014

The only way to build up a successful startup is by always stretching your and your company’s limits, so you must start becoming comfortable with living on the edge.

I remember 15 years ago when I felt horrible if I owed even a single dollar or if I didn’t have all my financials neatly set up in Excel and calculated to the cent for the next 12 months. I was very obsessed with having everything 100% correct and planed, any small surprise tended to create stress for me. That was me before becoming a founder, today after having survived some of the most extreme and stress filled situations I could have imagined, I have a different perspective and reaction to the uncertainty and the risk that is associated with being a doer. I still get stressed, I still want to try and have a perfect overview of everything but I have also learned that you must start thriving on the edge or start working for someone else. Being a founder is difficult and stressful, you have moments where you don’t know how your going to be able to make ends meet and at the same time you’re responsible for your employees, investors, your family, customers and more. You have no one to turn to, it’s all up to you.

Thriving on the edge means you must except the fact that you could fall into the abyss and any experienced entrepreneur knows that the abyss is a terrible place to fall into. Bankruptcy, firing your employees, not being able to pay all your bills, mental illness, anxiety, angry investors, angry customers, lawsuits and about a thousand other difficulties come with falling. But if you accept it as a possibility and start enjoying your time on the edge than the journey will both be more enjoyable and also more likely to become successful.

I have found that the most successful entrepreneurs I have met have a strange mix of obsession for perfection and an acceptance for the possibility of failure.

Thrive on the edge or fall into the abyss!

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