The Entrepreneur's Marathon

life startup communities Apr 06, 2014

All of you that have your own business know how everything happens slowly and with great effort. It’s fairly easy to compare running a business with running a marathon, you start running slowly and confidently with the end in mind and slowly build up a steady pace. To begin with this is pretty easy and fun but as the run continues the excitement starts to change into fatigue. The mind stops focusing on how fun it is and starts focusing all it’s energy into just continuing. At the half way mark you can only see a few meters in front of you and perhaps the person next to you but the idea of the finish line has almost left your mind.

Still you keep on running, trying to forget the pain in your calves and just trying to reach those next few meters. At a certain point all your energy is gone and you’re wondering if you will ever reach that goal. Your head is empty and you can’t think clearly. This is the point in the game where you have to be the strongest and carry on no matter what lies ahead. You know that if you give up now it will all have been for nothing, you must continue. Finally when you see the finish line you feel great pride and no matter how tired your body has been to this point it knows that this is what you have been working towards and it gets the job done. When you step over that line you get a feeling of ecstasy unlike anything you have ever felt before. You did it! No matter what anybody else said or thought about it, you proved that you could do it. For a short moment you can feel in your heart that anything is possible, you can achieve anything!

It’s therefore necessary when working on a business to always keep on running and never give up no matter how tired you might be mentally or physically, just keep on running!

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