The 168 Hour Work Week

startup communities success thoughts Apr 04, 2013

Tim Ferris wrote an interesting book called the “four hour work week“, the book became very popular and it was well deserved as this is a great book. The book however reflects the lazy mindset that the majority of people seem to have in the Western world. Everyone wants to be rich but few are willing to do the work needed to reach financial freedom. This laziness is the reason why books like The 4 hour work week and The Secret are sold in the millions but both of these books offer the opportunity of becoming successful with the minimum amount of work, The Secret even goes so far as to say that you don’t even have to work, you just have to think positively.

The reality however is that if you want to become successful and create financial security for yourself and your family then you are not going to get there working 4 hours a week. Even the typical 40 hour workweek is not going to get you there, I would actually say that the way to get there would be nearer to 168 hours a week.

I was listening to a audio book by Brian Tracy where he explained this quite well, he said that the typical 40 hour work week only helps you to barely survive in life. Your success in the future will be measured by the number of hours that you work beyond the traditional 40 hours.

If you truly want to succeed in what you’re doing, no matter what that is, then you always have to sacrifice something for it. I think I will end this with a quote that should be well known to many of you, “There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch”.

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