TechCrunch Meets The Volcano

entrepreneur life networking May 26, 2011

Last Monday, Gunnar Holmsteinn from CLARA posted a new event on Facebook, he said: “I know this has a very short notice, but any tech entrepreneurs in Iceland are welcome to join us at CLARA and meet the Techcrunch people stuck here”.

And it was indeed short notice since he posted this less then 2 hours before the event was suppose to happen but the Icelandic entrepreneurs were fast to react and about 30 of them were already there when I arrived.

So the story was basically this, a group of speakers, panelists and writers on their way to TechCrunch Disrupt got stranded in Iceland because of the volcano that erupted while they were here. The volcano was not in any way dangerous but it did distort their plans. The company CLARA invited them to come over, it just so happens that they have a bar at the office which is always good for such events and everybody tried to do a little bit of networking while drinking a beer or two.

I got my photo in TechCrunch, not the biggest accomplishment but nonetheless my first time in TechCrunch.

I would just like to thank the TechCrunch group for taking the time to meet up with the local entrepreneurs and perhaps I should thank the volcano Grímsvötn also since without it’s help I wouldn’t have been in TechCrunch 

Here is the link to the TechCrunch article:

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