Nordic Startup Awards Grand Finale in Iceland

iceland Mar 31, 2016

This is now the fourth year that the Nordic Startup Awards are held and it just so happens that this year they will be held in Iceland on the 31st of May, the day after the Startup Iceland conference. So if you were ever looking for an excuse to visit Iceland it doesn’t get much better than this, 2 back to back startup events that will introduce you to some of the coolest startups and startup people not only in Iceland but from all of the Nordics and in fact from the whole world as there is a lineup of great speakers and guests from all over the startup world. So don’t waste any more time and start booking your tickets for Startup Iceland and Nordic Startup Awards.

Currently the voting is taking place for the national nominees in each country the categories are:

  • Startup of the Year
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Bootstrapped
  • Best Investment Company
  • Best Business Angel
  • Founder of the Year
  • CTO Hero of the Year
  • Startup Media of the Year
  • Best Office Space
  • Best Accelerator Program
  • Best Social Tech Startup
  • Best IoT Startup
  • Best Exponential Startup

And there are 5 nominees from each country in each group, in the weeks up to the finals each country will be holding national finales to pick the national winners in each group. Then on at the grand finale in Iceland the overall international winners will be announced.

There are very few events in the nordics that manage to get together such a great collection of startup people and therefore a must-do event.

This year I am very happy that my blog Viking Entrepreneur was nominated in the Startup Media of the Year category and I am truly honoured to be in a group with such fantastic people. If you would like to vote for Viking Entrepreneur or any of the other nominees or just read up about them you can do so here:

I’m really hoping to see you all at both Startup Iceland and Nordic Startup Awards in May 🙂

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