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startup communities thoughts Nov 28, 2013

As a person that goes to many startup events I end up collecting hundreds of business cards from all kinds of businesses. Soon all the business cards start to seem the same and I think it can be difficult for people to differentiate their cards from all the others. So on the few occasions that I see really interesting business cards I don’t forget them so easily. Haje Jan Kamps from Triggertrap has one of the most original and most useful business card I have seen so far.

I met Haje at a meetup here in Iceland, we started talking and when I asked him on further information on his business he reached into his pocket and took out a deck of cards that functioned as a small demo or presentation of his product. He could easily explain all the details of his product with these cards and afterwards he handed me one of the cards as it also functioned as a business card.

Check out what he has to say about it on his website and in the below video.

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