Lifestyle Epiphany

entrepreneur life thoughts Jul 30, 2011

Two days ago I got a an epiphany.

I have always been working towards the goal of creating a successful company and a successful company in my eyes was something that had a large office with hundreds of employees, investors begging to invest, massive amounts of money, thousands of customers and all the extravagances that come with a big company.

But then I took a step backwards and starting thinking about why I started a company in the first place.

I realized that I had wanted to become an entrepreneur not to build a big company but to create steady income for myself. I had wanted freedom, freedom from the 9-5 hour jobs, freedom to be creative, freedom to travel the world, freedom to be lazy if I wanted to.

Freedom in my opinion comes from having enough income to sustain a good lifestyle, being able to work from wherever you want in the world and having enough free time to to enjoy your life.

In one instance everything changed for me and now I am rethinking everything.

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