Largest Obstacle In Business

entrepreneur goals leadership life startup communities thoughts May 17, 2011

Over the years I have assisted hundreds of individuals start up their own business and in almost all of those cases the individuals faced the same obstacle. The same seems also to be true of everybody that is starting up his or her first business regardless of age, sex and nationality.

The obstacle that I am speaking of is the mental aspect of running your own company and taking on the responsibilities that come with it.

From a very young age we are taught to work for others, with a school system that never even introduced us to the possibility of being self-employed. So it is a big challenge to go against everything that our parents and teachers told us.

For some of us this might even be the first time we test our true independence and go our own way no matter what everybody else might say. With such a big decision it is important to find the right environment and the right people that are supportive of such a choose, that is why it can be a good idea to look up people that have gone through the same as you will be going through. You most likely know someone that has started up there own company but if you don’t then a good way to find these people is to attend lectures, conferences and seminars. Also now a days you can find entrepreneurial centers, incubators and business accelerators, in most countries, that are all specialized in assisting people start up their company.

Unfortunately the chances of your first business becoming successful are not very good since the percentage of businesses that do not survive their first years is rather high. So working in the right environment, where failure is not an end but a lesson, is very important. Also you must have belief in yourself and your idea. If all goes badly and your business does not work out you must be ready to try again, most of the successful people I know have become successful because they don’t give up and continue even though one or two business ideas did not work out.


Be courageous when you start your own company and seek out assistance from those with experience.

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