Investor Day At Startup Reykjavik

funding networking startup communities Aug 15, 2012

This Friday Startup Reykjavik has their Investor day. The 10 teams having spent the last 3 months working hard on preparing there business ideas to be introduced to investors will finally get there change with the investors.

If you have any interest in investing in innovation in Iceland you should definitely look into this event. The event is by invite only but if your interested just contact me and I will get you in touch with organizers. The event will also be broadcasted to investors located in other countries so you have no excuse for not hearing them out and seeing if they are something you would be interested in investing in.


Here is a quick summarization of what these 10 teams are working on.


Mymxlog enables the management of licences, certificates, training and experience necessary to comply with European Aviation regulations.


Cloud Engineering provides data extraction technology. We create tools which will revolutionize the way you gather content from the web.


GuitarParty provides music enthusiasts with a way to learn their favorite songs using a unique user interface,  songbooks and video lessons.


Live Shuttle is a free service for smart phone users where they share their experience Live with their friends, family and the world.


StartupVille is a place for investors and start-ups to play. A social game where investors make virtual investments in start-ups


Watch movies online with friends via webcams. Now, you can get information on anything onscreen you see or hear and buy it.


Creation of high accuracy three-dimensional models using standard two-dimensional photographs and computer vision.


Internet health-bank for individuals. All your health related data in one place including diet and fitness.


WhenGone is a web based tool to record messages where people leave their last words/advice to their loved ones, to be viewed after passing.


We are developing RemindMe, an automatic medicine dispenser. Many people struggle with their medicine intake and RemindMe is aimed at making that process easier.

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