Icelandic Startup Dream Team

Apr 27, 2016

I used to be a big fan of the NBA as a kid and I still remember how excited I was around the so called “Dream Team” which was the USA’s 1992 olympic basketball team. It was a collection of all the coolest basketball players that I idolised. The Dream Team concept of sending the best of the best from your country to compete on behalf of your country is something that I still think is very cool and although I know there are a lot of big names missing from this list I’m still going to be looking at the Icelandic winners in the Nordic Startup Awards as Iceland’s Dream Team this year when we send them to the Nordic Startup Awards to compete agains other Nordic startups. Hopefully they will be victories and prove in some way how truly awesome the Icelandic startup scene has become 🙂

The results from the Icelandic Startup awards were introduced yesterday and here is the Icelandic Dream Team:

Startup of the Year: Mint Solutions
Best Newcomer: Sling
Best Bootstrapped: Geosilica
Best Investment Company: Nýsköpunarsjóður
Best Business Angel: Kjartan Örn Ólafsson
Founder of the Year: Fida Abu Libdeh
CTO Hero of the Year: Ragnar Fjölnisson
Startup Media of the Year: Norðurskautið
Best Office Space: Hús sjávarklasans
Best Accelerator Program: Startup Reykjavik 
Best Social Tech Startup: Karolina Fund
Best IoT Startup: Medilync
Best Exponential Startup: Guide to Iceland

If you want to root for the Icelandic Dream Team you can do so at the Nordic Startup Awards which will be held in Iceland this year on may 31st.

And if you don’t remember the basketball dream team from 1992 I’ll add this photo to help you refresh your memory along with the 2016 Icelandic Startup Dream Team and you can choose who’s cooler 🙂

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