Funding The Measurement Of Success

funding startup communities thoughts Jan 10, 2015

I love working in the startup environment, where anything is possible and positivity flows in abundance. However I feel like there has become too much focus on funding. I see young startups work towards getting funding and celebrating when they do as if they have won the jackpot and I see mentors push entrepreneurs towards focusing solely on getting investors to invest in the business. In my opinion getting funding in and of itself is not an end goal, it might be a stepping stone towards reaching a goal in which case it is very positive but it should never be looked at as the purpose of the startup.

Maybe I am a bit old school but I believe you should focus on creating value for your customers and revenue for your business and then investors can come in to help you grow even faster. The investors won’t be able to do anything for you unless you have a value creating business already.

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