First Impression of Austin Texas

entrepreneur life startup communities Jul 24, 2013

I have only been in Austin Texas for about 12 hours and I wasn’t going to write anything about it until I had spent some more time here but I felt like I should tell you about what I had experienced so far. It has to be one of my favorite cities so far as far as startups and entrepreneurs go, ever since I came here I have been surrounded by the presence of entrepreneurial energy.

After a 9 hour delay on my flight to Austin that included driving all the way from LaGurdia to Newark to catch another flight and losing all my luggage in the process I finally arrived in Austin at around 3 am. Having only the clothes on my back and my computer I woke up after a short sleep and visited my first cafe in Austin. It was a very nice cafe and as I drank a few cups of coffee I noticed that at all the tables around me people seemed to be talking about business related stuff, the guys on my right were talking about the user experience of their website and the people on the table behind me had just flown in from New York to meet some business partners. As I sat there answering emails and doing some work I felt like I fitted well in this environment, except maybe the hot weather outside that I am not at all used to back home. After I had fueled up on numerous coffees and breakfast tacos I went out to meet up with a couple of entrepreneurs that i had gotten in contact with on Twitter. I really enjoyed meeting up with them as they had a lot of experience behind them, successful businesses and an interesting perspectives on business all of which are a indicator of good conversations.

So even though I have only spent 12 hours here I feel very much at home here and sense that there is much energy here. Looking forward to continuing exploring this place. I welcome all recommendations on the startup scene here if you have any experience of it.

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