Do One Thing and Do It Well

entrepreneur goals startup communities success thoughts Nov 29, 2012

A few years ago I was like so many other young men experimenting with different ways of making money and working independently. I tried a lot of different things such as buying and selling cars, Internet businesses, stocks, franchises, buying stuff in bulk and selling at my local flea market, real estate, service companies and various other things. The fun thing about the whole process is that every business opportunity seemed to have endless possibilities and I never worked on less then 5 or 10 ideas at any given time.

This is very common for entrepreneurs, we enjoy so much creating something new that we can’t stop wanting to start new projects. But what you realized after you have been in business for a long time is that you actually achieve more when you just focus on one idea. Do one thing and do it well, instead of having dozens of projects that all are executed in a half-assed way.

There is a scene from a movie with Billy Crystal called City Slickers from 1991 that sums this up very well. Where the old cowboy has found the meaning of life and it is simple, find that one thing that matters to you and focus on that. The same can be used for young entrepreneurs, find a business idea that you are truly passionate about and focus entirely on that idea until you have achieved success. My experience tells me  that in most cases you will have to spend between 2-3 years on each idea until it starts becoming successful.

I know it is more fun to always be starting new business ideas but if you really want to achieve success then you have to pick one idea and follow it the whole way through.

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