Celebrating Progress

health startup communities thoughts Oct 20, 2014

For these past few weeks I’ve have been fighting with some fatigue as there has been much going on in my startup, a lot of stress and problems that needed my attention. Like so often when I’m in this condition I started mumbling to myself about how slowly things were going and doubting my process so far. However this chart got me to rethink my whole mentality.

This chart shows how the revenue for my startup has grown over the last few years and even though I have felt like everything is happening way too slowly I now have to admit to myself that things have actually been developing in a very positive way.

For founders it is difficult to pat themselves on the back for a job well done because they are constantly working hard on the everyday problems that come with running a business. It is important for everybody to take a step backwards, away from the daily problems and look at the big picture. Sometimes we’re doing much better than we think we are and we shouldn’t be ashamed to celebrate our wins.

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