entrepreneur goals life success thoughts Oct 28, 2012

In business it is important to be philosophical and think about why your in business and what you want to get out of it. Business isn’t just about making money, for most founders there is a much deeper reason for why they do what they do, they must also be aware of how to plan for a business transition. Some of us have the need to create, others the need to improve the world and then there are those that just want to create more financial security for themselves and their families. What ever the reason behind you starting your business be sure that you know what that reason is as it will make achieving it so much easier.

After years of being in business I have finally created my own personal philosophy to business and the core of it is that I want to improve the world. But a big part of my philosophy is also that the people you do business with matter more then the deals you make. What I mean there is that I have learned that you have to be in business with people you trust and want to work with. I have actually turned down profitable deals just because I have not wanted to work with that person. Making a deal with someone when your gut tells you not to can be very expansive and end very badly.

I also have a rule about always trying to help others when they come to me for help and I enjoy nothing more then to mentor and teach others what I have learnt. However unfortunately I do not always have time to help everybody that comes to me but I try what I can. If you haven’t tried teaching before I highly recommend it as it gives you so much back. When teaching I sometimes meet the most interesting people that are full of energy and fantastic ideas. In a lot of ways I learn just as much from them as they do from me.

To sum up what I am trying to say, don’t just do business to do business. Realise what you want to get out of it and the whole process will be so much more easier.

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