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iceland startup communities Mar 07, 2014

It is funny how everything always seems to happen at the same time, the startup scene in Iceland is no exception.. But today is not one of those days, even though I am actually located in Denmark today I can still feel the internet transmuting all the startup energy of Iceland through my computer (or perhaps it was those 6 cups of coffee I just drank).

Golden Egg Competition
Tomorrow the Golden Egg will announce it’s winners in this landmark business plan competition that has given birth to many of todays most prominent startups in Iceland. This year it once again had a record number of applications or a total of 377. Compare that with the fact that Iceland has a population of 320.000 people, that means that about 1 out of every 850 icelanders participated in this competition. A few days ago the top 10 companies were announced and tomorrow we will find out which one will win the competition, here is a list of all 10 companies/ideas.

  • Brum Funding
  • EcoMals
  • Gracipe
  • Litla gula hænan
  • Memento
  • Mulier
  • Radiant Games
  • Solid Clouds
  • SuitMe
  • Ægisgildra

Startup Energy Reykjavik
Yesterday the announced the 7 startups that will be participating in the Startup Energy Reykjavik Accelerator, an accelerator specializing in energy related startups. The startups are as follows:

  • The HTPM Gerosion Center
  • BMJ Energy
  • Sodium Chorate Plant
  • Landsvarmi
  • BigEddie
  • PEA Aluminum
  • GeoDrone

Startup Reykjavik
The Startup Reykjavik business accelerator has opened up for applications, this accelerator only accepts 10 startups each year for it’s program. Included for the startups is an investment of roughly 16.000 USD (2.000.000 ISK), an office space for 10 weeks and access to over 50+ mentors from various degrees of the industry. I think this is the third year this program is running and so far it has been a lot of fun to follow the teams working there, there is always great energy among the startups. So don’t hesitate, apply now 

Startup Iceland
Also coming up in a couple of months is our annual startup conference Startup Iceland, set for june 4th and that is something that no entrepreneur in Iceland should miss out on. The calibre of speakers at this event is very impressive and I think the fact that all these big names are coming is a great example of how much work has been put into creating a great startup community here. Check out more information on Startup Iceland here.

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